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Count Cain RolePlay

Earl/Count Cain RolePlay
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to the Count Cain RolePlay on LiveJournal.

Moderator - rose_of_pain

Want to join? Then I got a few simple rules.
1. Check the list of Taken Characters and do not ask to be a character already taken.
2. Join the community and make a post stating the character you wish to play and what LiveJournal you will be posting from. (It can be your personal LJ or a LJ you make just for your character if you chose to do so.)
3. Post your entries in 1st person as your character and make sure to to put "OC Note" at the top of an entry where you are out of character.
4. Enjoy and have fun. ^_^

Taken Characters:
Cain Hargreaves - rose_of_pain
Riffel Raffit (Riff) - kireirociel
Jezebel Disrali - unicorn_san
Alexis Hargreaves - ryutsuki
Merryweather Hargreaves - flying_piggie
Cassian - hanieh
Cassandra - hopechan
Oscar - rozefyre
Cleathadol - starswan
Ida - mad_moon_ida
Michaela - michaela_judith

Still Available:
Uncle Neil (maybe? lol)
Other Delilah People
etc. etc.